Tune In: A week of premieres

If any of you out there are like me, you are looking forward to this week on television. Starting tonight, we are able to catch up with some of our old stars and maybe find some new shows and stars that we’ll love. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to this week! (Yes, I do know that I should be doing more scholarly things with my time, but everyone needs to take a break every and now and then!)

So, what will you be watching? I have a few favorites that I’ll be sure to catch (Hawaii Five-0, Glee How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Grey’s Anatomy), but I think it’s exciting to know what else is out there. Unfortunately, I usually forget what days and times the shows are on that I want to watch. Does this happen to anyone else? I’m guessing it does, so I figured it might be nice to know what’s premiering this week so you can watch whatever you’d like 🙂 Hope this helps!

Monday, September 19


  • 8:00 pm-Dancing with the Stars
  • 10:00 pm-Castle
  • 8:00 pm-How I Met Your Mother
  • 9:00 pm- Two and a Half Men
  • 9:30 pm-Two Broke Girls
  • 10:00 pm-Hawaii Five-O

  • 8:00 pm-The Sing Off
  • 10:00 pm-The Playboy Club
Tuesday, September 20
  • 10:00-Body of Proof
  • 8:00- NCIS
  • 9:00-NCIS: Los Angeles
  • 10:00-Unforgettable
  • 8:00-The Biggest Loser
  • 8:00-Glee
  • 9:00-New Girl
  • 9:30-Raising Hope
Wednesday, September 21
  • 8:00-The Middle
  • 9:00-Modern Family
  • 10:00-Revenge
  • 9:00-Criminal Minds
  • 10:00-CSI
  • 9:00-Harry’s Law
  • 10:00-Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit
  • 8:00-The X Factor
Thursday, September 22
  • 8:00-Charlie’s Angels
  • 9:00-Grey’s Anatomy
  • 8:00-The Big Bang Theory
  • 9:00-Person of Interest
  • 10:00-The Mentalist
  • 8:00-Community
  • 8:30-Parks and Recreation
  • 9:00-The Office
  • 9:30-Whitney
  • 10:00-Prime Suspect
Friday, September 23
  • 8:00-A Gifted Man
  • 9:00-CSI: NY
  • 10:00-Blue Bloods
  • 9:00-Dateline NBC
  • 8:00-Kitchen Nightmares
  • 9:00-Fringe
  • 8:00-Nikita
  • 9:00-Supernatural
Saturday, September 24
  • 8:00-Rules of Engagement
  • 10:00-48 Hours Mystery
Enjoy! Hope you reconnect with old characters and fall in love with some new ones!

2 thoughts on “Tune In: A week of premieres

  1. I’ve been excited about the Glee premiere since the end of the last season. After Modern Family cleaned up last night at the Emmy’s, I think it confirms my decision that I need to start watching it, along with the video my sister showed me of Cameron’s “People aren’t food” song. The Office should also be incredible this season with James Spader (*swoon*). However, graduate school has pretty much nixed any plans I have to watch any of these shows when they originally air. Thank God for Hulu.

  2. I don’t know about you guys, but I thought the premiere of Glee was kind of bleh. The second episode was definitely back up to par though. 🙂

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