Nothing on TV, you say? Turn on PBS! – Part 2

I don’t know about you, but it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I took the GRE for the second time last Friday — which thankfully went well, but left me feeling like a zombie afterwards — and have been extremely busy with schoolwork and grad assistant duties this week. Unfortunately, a Master’s thesis does not write itself and is proving to be more stressful than I imagined — but that may just be because I overthink everything. 🙂

As promised, here is the second (and final) part of my post on some of the excellent and entertaining programs that you can find on PBS.


Last time I mainly devoted my post to the Masterpiece program on PBS which provides the majority of the channel’s fiction-based programming. Today I’m going to tell you about some of PBS’s other programs.

If you like politics, health, education, or other news based topics, definitely check out Frontline. Broadcast on Tuesday nights at 9pm, Frontline has presented a multitude of well-produced and interesting documentaries since 1983. Some of the best recent programs have been on the 2008 Financial Crisis, September 11th, and the controversy of for-profit colleges.


If news based documentaries aren’t your cup of tea, but you’re still into historical or political things, you may want to watch American Experience. Whereas Frontline is more of a strictly educational, interview and fact based documentary, each episode of American Experience is like a film. The majority of American Experience episodes are 1 to 2 hours in length, however some films are multiple hours that are shown in installments.

Recent 1-2 hour episodes have centered on: The New England Hurricane of 1938, Music of the Civil Rights Movement, Dinosaur Wars, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and War Letters.

Recent multi-hour episodes include: Abraham and Mary Lincoln, The Kennedys, Reagan, and God in America.


If History or related topics aren’t to your liking, but you like music, art, and acting, then you’ll probably enjoy either American Masters or Great Performances (one of my favorites).

American Masters is a documentary series that chronicles the creative genius of some of our most talented artists, whether they work in the world of music, art, dance, theater, or film.

Some of the recent and upcoming episodes focus on: Pearl Jam, Carole King and James Taylor, Elia Kazan, Woody Allen, and Jeff Bridges.


While American Masters goes behind the scenes of artistic genius, Great Performances puts you in front row of some of their best artistic offerings. From Broadway musicals and Opera to Pop Concerts and Symphonies and Orchestras, Great Performances is an excellent way to spend a few hours — especially when you would otherwise have to travel thousands of mile and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to see the same performance in person.

Recent and Upcoming episodes feature: Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Hugh Laurie (he sings the blues in New Orleans), “Macbeth”, “Hamlet”, various performances of the Metropolitan Opera, David Foster, Sondeim’s “Company”, “Chess”, Andrea Bocelli, and Michael Buble.


Don’t worry if your turn on PBS and aren’t interested in what you find. Sometimes, just like other network or broadcast channels, what’s currently on doesn’t interest me. However, PBS offers a lot of great programming on a variety of topics that are wonderfully entertaining.

Happy Watching!


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