We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Theme Post for… Sugar Cookie Truffles!

Man, oh man. Wow. I think I out-Betty-Crockered myself this past weekend. Yesterday was Brian’s birthday, but since he’d have to work on his birthday, I decided to do a bunch of birthday things for him on our long weekend off. I took him to see The 1940s Radio Hour at YSU on Friday night, since we both have an appreciation for theatre and jazz, among the other fine art-sy type things we’re into. (Someday I’ll write about the collaborative painting we’ve been working on for quite some time now…) Since he’s been on midnights, we basically left for the show right after he woke up, but that gave the pulled pork I was making in the crockpot plenty of time to cook. When we got home, the best pulled pork I’ve ever had was ready; I cooked up a couple of sweet potatoes and cornbread to go along with the sandwiches.

Still feeling rather ambitious, I decided to try the recipe for sugar cookie truffles I’d found on Pinterest, and I’m pretty certain they’re the best desert/confection/any food type I’ve ever made. They’re pretty easy to make, too. However, I’ll admit that they’re a bit time consuming, and you don’t get as many as you’d think you would (16 cookies yielded 20 truffles), but they’re worth it. Totally. In fact, I’ve been commissioned to make them for my sister’s bridal shower, so I should probably get started on those…

Sugar Cookie Truffles

I can’t claim that I created these, but God bless the Dame who did. This is the recipe I used to make them, but I’ll include my own translation of the pictures in the process.

– 1 16oz package of sugar cookie dough (I used Pillsbury)
– 1.5oz of room temp cream cheese (I didn’t think this was enough, so I used 2oz, and it worked fine. I also checked around other sites for how much cream cheese they used, because I was certain that I’d need much more. No. 2oz is fine.)
– 1 cup white chocolate chips (Good thing I bought a 2 cup bag…)
– 1 T. shortening (I skipped this and they turned out fine)
– Sprinkles for garnish

Bake these according to the instructions on the package. You want them crispy, not soft or burnt. My package yielded 16 cookies.

Once they’ve had plenty of time cool, it’s time for the fun part. Since Brian doesn’t have a food processor, I went old school. Metal bowl, large metal soup ladle. Towards the end, I used a small can of green beans. Worked just as well. Crush the cookies until they’re a fine crumb. Keeping a glass of milk handy is also essential.

After the cookies have been thoroughly crushed, add the cream cheese in to the mix. Again, I’m sure this would be a breeze if you had a food processor, so… I washed my hands again and dug in. It wasn’t too terrible. Mix it in till it forms more of a sugar cookie… gravel? You’ll be able to smoosh these little bits together into a ball to make the truffle. Like I said, my mix created about 20 1″ truffles. You’ll want to put these in the fridge for about an hour or so to chill. Just… chill. 🙂 Before you take them out of the fridge, melt the chocolate chips. This was probably the most difficult part for me. I did the first cup of chips according to the recipe, adding the shortening and microwaving for 30sec. intervals. My chips were a little melty, so I tried again, and ended up with something not resembling melted chocolate at all, but more like packed brown sugar. I have no idea what happened. I tried the second cup of chips in a large soup bowl for three 25sec. intervals, and that seemed to do the trick. Also, prepare a small bowl with the sprinkles.

Roll chilled sugar cookie balls in the melted chocolate, and then dip one side in the sprinkles; place truffle back on the sheet. You can put the truffles in the fridge to set, or just leave them out for a little bit. Seriously takes just about no time for the chocolate to harden. Try not to eat them all right after you’re done so you can get a picture like this…

I hope you enjoy these! I know they were certainly a hit with my family!

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