GAP: I’ll explain later

I met the man of my dreams last night…in my dream.

His name is Josh Groban and I am insanely obsessed with him (as is Joni).

I’ve been a fan of Josh Groban for quite a few years now. I think he’s a fantastic singer and is a very talented musician. (Did you know he can play the drums?!? I didn’t until I saw him in concert twice this summer (as did Joni) and it was AWESOME).

If you have any doubts of his musical ability, just listen to this:

He also has a great sense of humor. Sometimes when I’m feeling sad, I watch this video and it cheers me up:

As I previously mentioned, I saw him in concert twice this concert. I went to the first concert with my family at the beginning of the summer. We were in a massive arena and had pretty good floor seats. We didn’t know what to expect, but needless to say I was blown away enough by the first concert that I HAD to see him again (this time with Joni 🙂 During the concert, Josh was extremely interactive with the crowd. He was also super entertaining and kept the audience wanting more.

One of the coolest parts about the concert was that there was a smaller stage in the middle of the main floor which wasn’t too far from where my family was sitting. Although there was security, enough people were getting out of their seats to take close up pictures of him that I figured, what the hell? So, I sneakily scurried by the security guards to get closer to the smaller stage. I took fabulous pictures (which unfortunately are at my house) then headed back to my seat, but not before I heard someone yell my name. Now-don’t get carried away. It wasn’t Josh shouting for me, it was my mother. Slightly less exciting, but wonderful nevertheless because without her scream, I would have never gotten the chance to touch Josh Groban. Yes, I said it-I touched him. Okay, that sounds awkward. Let me explain.

As I was heading back towards my seat, I heard my mother shout my name. I turned to look at her and just at the right time as well because at that time, Josh was leaving his smaller stage for the main stage and was about to run right past me. Well…there were people in front of my, but there was no way I was missing this chance. So, like anyone would do (or so I like to tell myself), I managed to make to the front of the crowd and put my hand out just in time to give Josh a high five. You would have thought I had won the lottery I was so excited!

So, after Joni and I both seeing this concert with our families, we decided to see splurge and see him again. We had great seats (11th row I believe) and had a great view the whole time. In fact, he made eye contact with us and don’t think I’m crazy. At one point in the concert, he invites a couple up onstage who has been married for a long time. After the opening act, Joni had overheard the couple behind us discussing how long they had been married and informed me of this. We then made it our mission to get them onstage. So, being the loud, obnoxious girls that we sometimes are (no offense), when the point came to recruit this couple, Joni and I were ready. Pretty sure it would have been impossible for him not to have heard us, so he looked at us, saw the couple and voila, they were the couple onstage 🙂 Good work to us if I do say so myself.

So, you’re probably wondering what a GAP is, right? It stands for Grobanite Access Point. It stands for different points where fans may have access to Josh like on the steps to the stage or when he’s going from one stage to the other. Joni and I contemplated trying to get onstage, but to no avail. There’s always next time, though.

I also have an I Love Lucy experience related to this event, but I find it so entertaining that you’ll just to have to stay tuned for this story at a later time 🙂

8 thoughts on “GAP: I’ll explain later

  1. Wooo! Gotta love Josh Groban! Too bad we couldn’t infiltrate those GAPs though. But, anyway, Josh Groban in your dreams? Sounds like a good dream! lol

  2. Josh Groban really is quite talented, and the times he’s done cameos on Glee and Jimmy Kimmel, he’s been hilarious. I think that’s an awesome plan. That’s kind of how Carmen and I are with Red Wanting Blue. Since their ticket prices are much lower (I think the most I’ve ever paid was $15, and that was including service fees for the House of Blues), and they tour across Ohio all the time, we go see them just about every time they’re in the area. We make it a priority to get in early enough to stand right in front (buying dinner at HoB just so we can do the VIP Pass the Line, and I must admit, I do get girly giggles whenever I lock eyes with Scott Terry. He’s just gorgeous.

    • That’s awesome that you’re able to see them relatively frequently and I think it’s awesome that you do the VIP Pass the Line! I can definitely relate to the girly giggles-I don’t know why, but these men seem to have that power over us to evoke such childish response 🙂

  3. This is all made funnier by the fact that “Grobanite” is like a cousin to “grope” and “grab.”

    Plus, who does he look like? He reminds me of someone else, for reals, and it might be a cartoon.


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