25 Before 25

I keep seeing these # Before # lists pop up around the Internet.  I have mixed feelings about them.  On the one hand, no one really cares that you or I want to figure out how to French braid your or my hair before your dog’s half birthday next month.  On the other hand, sometimes lists like these provide an interesting window into a person’s priorities and interests.  Their staccato nature also fits well into our technologically overstimulated short attention spans.

My 25th birthday is this December.  That leaves me only a few months to do these things.  Given that deadline, I have not included any big ticket items that might go on a bucket list.  I am neither traveling, nor getting married, nor starting my own business, nor anything monumental whatsoever.  I am simply operating from a carpe diem point of view.  I want to make the 100+ days left of my 24th year count instead of squandering that time away on Facebook.

1. Don’t wear sweat pants or gym shorts in public.

2. Go to an outdoor movie.

3. Ride the Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Towpath train.

4. Try a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

5. Go on a real, decent length hike.

6. Trace my family lineage back to Europe.

7. Do the Tour de Donut.

8. Finish Invitation to a Beheading by Nabokov.

9. Finish El general en su laberinto by García Márquez.

10. Make soybean baklava.

11. Be extra punctual.

12. Make homemade jam.

13. Cut back on my use of Facebook.

14. Make homemade ice cream.

15. Bake Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.

16. Write (and finish!) a short story.

17. Obtain gainful, respectable employment.

18. Bake mocha cupcakes.

19. Do a fitness event.

20. Pick my own produce.

21. Watch The Motorcycle Diaries.

22. Read a book every month.

23. Carve a pumpkin.

24. (Possibly) Get my TEFL/TESOL certificate.

25. Recreate simit as I ate it in Turkey.

What are your short term goals?

7 thoughts on “25 Before 25

  1. Ok, some of these things are gonna be all you (Tour de Donut since I can’t ride a bike and the García Márquez boo, since I assume it’s in Spanish), here’s what I’m down for: outdoor movie, fitness event, and pick your own produce. Here are the movies we have left in August: http://www.covellicentre.com/august/ — I think we should get the Dames together and make a day of it if Jeannette is in town and do a tour of White House Fruit Farm! 🙂

    • It’s a cycling event combining a road race with a donut eating contest. For every donut you eat (and keep down) 5 minutes are deducted from your overall time. I’m not entirely sure I’ll make it to this year’s event since it is a bit of trip, but maybe I’ll just have a DIY donut eating contest + cycling day.

      Check out the website: http://tourdedonut.net/

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