Top 5 Worst Things You Could Have Had for Dinner

Joni has been posting recipes of things you would be happy to have for dinner.  Here are a few things you really should not have for dinner.

5. Rotisserie Chicken

By my expert calculations, there is a 17.2% chance that you will get food poisoning each time you eat a grocery store rotisserie chicken.  Eat at your own risk, my friends.


4. Liver

Eat this only on accident.  Or in Italy.  I have yet to find any other acceptable occasions for eating liver.


3. Leftover icing

There is no excuse for this.  Icing’s primary ingredients are sugar and lard.


2. Sketti with Butter and Ketchup Sauce

Someone should tell Honey Boo Boo that nothing about this is okay.  Have you ever read the nutrition label on ketchup?  Heinz contains 4 grams of sugar in every tablespoon of ketchup.  Ketchup is not good for you.  Mixing it with butter just makes it worse.


1. Dumpster Dive Food

Has anyone else seen the commercials for Extreme Cheapskates?  I cannot handle the dumpster diving.


Pat yourself on the back if you did not eat any of these for dinner tonight.

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