26 Shades of Grey

26 Shades of Grey

This may come as a shock to you, but… I have to confess something: I have grey hair. Like, a lot of it. (At least in my mind, it’s a lot.) Ok, while that might not be so jaw-dropping, maybe the fact that I have roughly zero plans to cover it will surprise you.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but it was this article on Buzzfeed about the “Granny Hair” trend that pushed me to write. I was cool this whole time — who knew?! I know a few girls who are dabbling in the trend right now, including my sister’s future sis-in-law, and a co-worker who is totally rocking her titanium highlights right now. I seriously love them on her.

My journey with lighter locks started way back in my freshman year of college, when I started to notice a few stray silver strands in the mirror. I would meticulously pluck them out and flip my hair around every which way to make sure I caught them all. My mom would joke that five would grow in to replace each one removed, but I brushed aside the old wives’ tale; I was barely in my 20s — why should this be happening to me? But now, at the distinguished age of 26, it seems to be coming in quite steadily, just at my temples, with a few random wisps throughout.

However, despite the decline of pigmentation, I think I’m going to skip coloring it. Even in high school, I was a rare creature, being one of the only girls who had never bleached, highlighted, or colored my hair. In college, I probably could have been considered an endangered species. I think this is a two-part hesitation: first, I don’t know how it would look. I have always really loved my hair color, so I’ve never wanted to change it up. Second, I don’t want to get in what seems to be an endless cycle of touch-ups. I’ll leave nail polish on until it wears itself off. I’m really terrible about always remembering to wash my make-up off before bed. Honestly, I think I might be too lazy for it.

Even Kate Middleton can’t escape the criticism when the paparazzi caught this photo earlier this year, at the beginning of her second pregnancy. (via Daily Mail UK)

Don’t get me wrong: I commend women who can keep up with it. I just don’t think its for me. I kind of like it. Does it make me look older than my husband? Maybe. And that’s not entirely fair, either. Consider all of the leading men in Hollywood deemed “silver foxes” once their hair started turning all shades of grey and white. Anderson Cooper. John Slattery from Mad Men. George Clooney. (Si.) While it has seemed like there has been a double standard for so long, more and more women appear to be embracing the various shades. I’ve previously compared my silver streak to that of Stacy London from What Not to Wear. Or… I guess… Anna from Frozen, if you prefer that reference. (The cold always bothered me.) While I don’t think I have the personality of Kelly Osbourne to pull off her silvery-purple, for now, I’m quite content to see what will naturally come to be.

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