Easy Colorful DIY Framed Art

I’m constantly pinning new ideas for arts and crafts projects on Pinterest – especially ones to decorate my woefully under-decorated apartment. So, when I saw this example, I knew I had to try it.

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Easy Colorful DIY Framed Art


– Acrylic paint, assorted colors
– Paint brush(es)
– Posterboard or cardstock
– Large craft hole punch (at least 1 inch in diameter)
– Glue
– Frame and matte


1. I chose two colors to use, blue and teal. I painted strokes of each color on two different pieces of card stock, purposely attempting to make variations in how the paint looked on the page.

2. Once the paint dried, I took the large whole punch (the one I have is Martha Stewart brand) and began punching holes and setting the circles aside.


5. Next, arrange the punched out circles on the poster board. I purchased a large piece of poster board, cut it to fit the frame and then taped the matte to the poster board so that I could accurately place the circles.



photo8 edit6. After laying out all of the circles in order to get the spacing right, glue each circle into place. And, voila – easy, colorful art!



Easy DIY Fall Fabric Flower Wreath

Like it or not, summer really is over. Well, almost — only a few more days to go.

So, in the spirit of Autumn and all things sweaters, leaves, mums, and cool weather, I decided to make an easy Fall wreath today to hang on the front door.

I used a technique I’m currently using to make a different wreath, but for today’s project I simplified it further.


What You’ll Need:

  • A grapevine wreath (or one of a similar material) — I used 18″, but feel free to make a smaller or larger wreath.
  • 1/2 yard of Orange felt (or color of choice) — If you want more flowers, you’ll need more material.
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • Scissors


1. For this wreath, I made 9 large felt flowers, so you will begin by cutting 9 large felt squares.

You can use a ruler to measure out each square, but I just free-handed it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just know that the larger the square, the larger the flower.

You can use a ruler to measure out each square, but I just free-handed it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just know that the larger the square, the larger the flower.

2. Cut each square into a circle.

photo-43. Cut each circle into a spiral.

photo-54. Starting on the outside, begin rolling the strip of fabric tightly. Continue until the fabric is completely rolled.


5. When the spiral is completely rolled, you will be left with the inside flap. Apply hot glue to the underside of the flap and press it to the bottom of the flower. This will hold the whole thing together. Remember to handle hot glue and the hot glue gun carefully.

photo6. Repeat these steps on all 9 flowers (or however many you make). The finished flower will look like this:

Top view.

Top view.

Side view.

Side view.

7. Take your grapevine wreath and begin arranging the flowers on the wreath. I decided to offset them to one side, but if you prefer another arrangement feel free to play with the placement of the flowers.


The finished product.

The finished product.

And there you are, an easy DIY Fall Fabric Flower Wreath.

Happy Fall!