Get Your Chocolate Fix: 3 Ingredient (Skinny) Brownie Batter Dip

I didn’t have any other pictures to use here, so please enjoy this Astronaut Sloth… Slothstronaut.

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Now, I know you all have probably had your fill of chocolate between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, but this is the easiest. dessert. ever. It really is. I made it a few weekends ago for our weekend potluck at work and my co-workers raved over it. Even with non-fat and low-fat ingredients, it still tastes incredibly rich.

brownie batter 1


– 2 cups plain yogurt (can be non or low-fat)
– 2 cups thawed whipped cream (can be non or low-fat)
– 1 18oz. box brownie mix
– handful of chocolate chips (optional)

brownie batter

1. Mix 2 cups of yogurt with 2 cups of whipped cream in a large bowl.

2. Blend 18oz. of chocolate brownie mix into the yogurt and whipped cream. This was easier when I did it gradually, not all at once. Using a hand mixer also helps.

That’s it!

brownie batter 4

I put all of it in a large container and sprinkled a handful of chocolate chips on top. You can try it on top of graham crackers, but I also like it as a really decadent chocolate yogurt/pudding type dessert. Hope you enjoy it!