Heeeey Ya (I’m Just Bein’ Honest)



Hey, all. It’s been a little while, but this is a post I’ve been thinking about for a couple of months. See, last year, Sarah posted a 25 Before 25 bucket list for her 25th birthday, and Jeannette has been writing about 25 life lessons leading up to her 25th birthday. Mine was this past August, and I thought about doing something similar, but I wasn’t sure what. Around the beginning of that month, a certain meme started showing up quite frequently on Imgur, one of the sites I browse when I’m bored. According to Know Your Meme, the Confession Bear allows people to post fairly anonymous confessions (linked to their user account for Reddit or Imgur, of course) “about taboo behaviors and controversial opinions that are often kept secret for fear of being ostracized.”

After seeing all of these, I figured I would go a completely different direction: 25 confessions, or 25 not-so-well-known facts about me, because I’m not ashamed of any of these, really. But, this was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I started making a list at the beginning of August, and as my birthday approached, I only had about 8 confessions. My birthday passed, and I still hadn’t written anything. I started getting busy with other stuff (new job!) and work (still my old job, too!) and I’m just now getting around to posting this. As it has been some time since my last post, I wanted to put a good effort into it, so I wrote it list + image style, like my other time-wasting site, Buzzfeed. So here they are… in the words of Usher, these are my confessions…

1. I can never spell “occasion” correctly. (I misspelled it typing up this post.)

2. I can’t ride a bike or whistle. (But you probably already knew that.)
Sadly, this also means that I cannot whistle while I twerk.

3. Charlotte and I have this Secret Single Behavior in common.char

4. I’m afraid that my hair will be completely white or grey by the time I’m 30.
I *am* Grad School Barbie. (via joannarenteria.com)

5. I don’t get the hype of Dr. Who, nor do I care enough to find out. (#sorrynotsorry)

6. I want to ride a zipline, and drive my car really fast on a closed race course, but don’t worry, that’s as far as my James Bond-esque aspirations go.

7. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people spell my name wrong… and it’s like, right there.

8. I have a hard time getting rid of “good boxes.” (It’s possibly a genetic thing. As far as I know, my Pop originated the “good box” concept.)

9. Contrary to popular opinion, I think that Godfather Part II is actually the worst of the Godfather movies. It goes 1, 3, and then 2.
Except for this part. The rest of the movie is too 70’s, but I love this scene.

10. I have this weird thing about being curious about how people decorate the inside of their homes while I’m driving by. (Definitely not in a creepy, “just for future reference” way. We’re guilty of it, too: big front window, sheer blinds, and always with the lights on. Its not my fault I can see that you watch FOX News while I’m in my car, going the speed limit.)

11.Ok, maybe not a whole pizza, but its good to have ambition and hold yourself to high standards.

12. I have a hard time taking an “adult” (and I use that term loosely) seriously when they’re wearing something with trademarked or licensed cartoon character (Disney or Looney Tunes, mostly) on it out in public.

13. Liz Lemon is my spirit animal.
Ask my mom about it sometime… if you dare.

14. I will NOT keep calm, and I’m so over those signs/posters. Same with mustaches. Don’t mustache all the things.

15. I have zero intentions of trying to “feel like a princess” on my wedding day. I’ve never asked to be coddled like a perfect princess, I’m a big girl, and I want to have a big girl, grown up day where my husband is equally as important as me, gosh darn it. (None of that, “this is your big day!” It’s his big day, too.)
However, I’m equal parts terrified and intrigued by My Big, Fat, Gypsy Wedding.

16. Growing up, there were never any babies or little kids around, so I have no idea how to interact with elementary aged kids. Now that I have friends with babies, I’m starting to understand it, but I still don’t get baby talk.

17. I have an overwhelming urge to smell all the candles in stores. Never go in Yankee Candle with me unless you’re prepared to be there for at least a half hour and to indulge me by smelling candles I like.

18. You might be a bit surprised by the amount of time I spent in detention during the 5th grade. I was also sent home on the last day of 8th grade for wearing colored hair mascara (it was dark red on my dark brown hair) for our talent show. I guess you could say I’ve always had a kind of “fight the power” attitude.

19. I used to think that the negligees and fancy slips in JCPenney’s catalogs were really pretty dresses and wanted to wear one for my someday-wedding.

20. If I didn’t find a job in higher ed within two years of graduating with my master’s degree, I was planning on giving up looking for one. I was getting worried that things would get awkward with me for my friends who have been working in higher education.

21. I’m afraid no one will dance at my wedding.
Even if it’s like this, that’s ok. Please dance.

22. I won’t use a public restroom unless I absolutely have to.

23. If my feet are cold, I will more than likely bury them under you while sitting on the couch.

24. I can’t stand Seinfeld. I don’t get it’s popularity. I just don’t think its funny.

25. I get annoyed when my phone tries to autocorrect words that my sister and I have made up. Know our language already!
textAlright. There they are. Tell me something about yourself!

I choo-choo-choose you, Valentine!

Valentine’s Day. Shmalentine’s Day. Ok, I’ll admit that it never amounted to a hill of beans when I didn’t have a reliable and pretty permanent plus-one. But, I’m a little softer on the holiday now that I do, and it’s changed my perspective on it a bit. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about being head over heels in love with your Mr. (or Ms. Charming), but showing all of your significant others in your life that you love them. I did not spend Valentine’s Day this year with my manfriend, but he still found a way to make it special by sneaking a card into my purse while I was sleeping. However, I’m excited to have our V-Day date tonight, including a viewing of “When Harry Met Sally.” (There is literally nothing we we’re willing to shill out 20 bucks for to see at the theater.)

I spent my Valentine’s Day non-school or work hours (all 3 of them, after the hour drive home and before my mom fell asleep) with my mother and sister. I made a dozen chocolate covered strawberries for them, only to have my mom remind me that she’s not a big fan of them. (My bad.) But that’s ok. Not a day goes by without me telling my mom I love her, whether it’s in person or over the phone. My family is pretty small, so it’s important for me to be as connected to them as possible.

That leaves my lady friends. I wanted to be really awesome at doing a holiday right, but something always gets in the way of me being awesome. So, I’m compiling a short list of my favorite Valentine’s Day related things for my fellow Dames. Happy V-Day, lovely Valentines!

First, here’s a playlist for your listening pleasure. Only slightly NSFW (one silly but catchy song, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick it out), I found this mix by looking up other mixes featuring Red Wanting Blue. I’m a big fan of 8tracks — I’ve found a lot of cool music through it.

For Joni:

from chadat.tumblr.com

For Sarah:

For Jeannette:

from someecards.com

Maybe Conan O’Brien can help us find Valentines? (Yes, John Krasinski. My answer is yes.)

Emmys 2011, or, “Can we talk about these fashion choices?”

I feel like Amy Poehler probably would have taken home the Miss Congeniality award.

Let’s talk about last night’s Emmys. It was the first time in a few years that I’ve been able to sit and watch the whole thing, but that’s mostly because this year I was at home in Toronto doing my laundry. Gotta do something between switching out the loads and folding. To start, I really liked Jane Lynch’s opening, but not as much as I adored last year’s Bruce Springsteen tribute with Jimmy Fallon. (Everything about that opening was right and nothing was wrong. Tina Fey and Jon Hamm! Glee! The Boss!) It felt like one of the “Magic of TV” type commercials for televisions, but I’m sure that was intentional. Still entertaining, especially the Mad Men bit.

A few other observations:

  • Oh, my little Chris Colfer. He was spectacular this season. Did the voters not watch the “Furt” episode? That one was an emotional roller coaster, and I was constantly going from happy tears all through Carole and Burt’s wedding, to anger, sadness, and everywhere in between.
  • How about Modern Family completely cleaning up last night? Go Julie Bowen! I loved her on Boston Legal, and she seems hilarious on this show, too. All these wins for Modern Family, and the video my sister showed me, have sort of solidified it for me that I need to be watching this show.
  • I literally lol’d when Amy Poehler jumped out of her seat to take the stage when they came to the Best Actress in a Comedy Series category. Although I haven’t seen Mike & Molly, Melissa McCarthy’s role in Bridesmaids was hi-lar-ious, and I’m sure that helped her a bit. Maybe I’ll start trying to catch that one, too.
  • Poehler’s dress was quite bold, and pretty different for her, and I loved it. Tina Fey and Martha Plimpton (I had to Google her to know why she was up there… never heard of her…) looked great, but I think Edie Falco took the best dressed on that stage. Laura Linney… can we talk about how unflattering that dress was? She’s so pretty, and that dress didn’t do her justice. Neither did Melissa McCarthy’s. There is no reason why full-figured dames can’t look fabulous. Keep that eggplant color, but get a better stylist, honey. You’re an Emmy winner now.
  • I think in 5-8 years, Gwenyth Paltrow is going to look back on the dress she wore last night and look at it the same way Beyonce probably looks at the Destiny’s Child-era matchy-matchy look she and the other girls had to wear. That midriff thing dated the whole look.
Comedy is really my forte, so I didn’t pay as much attention to the other categories as I did to this one. I know Joni would be much better suited to give us a run down on the Mini-Series/Movie category. I’m not sure I want to try to watch Boardwalk Empire, and I wondered whether Martin Scorsese’s win for Best Director was justified, but since I haven’t seen any of the nominees, I can’t have a real opinion on it. Also, Maggie Smith, our fellow Dame, is unstoppable. Since its been quite some time since I caught any broadcast of any award show, I found this year’s Emmy offering fairly entertaining, although at times, schmaltzy. But that’s show business, I guess.