26 Shades of Grey

26 Shades of Grey

This may come as a shock to you, but… I have to confess something: I have grey hair. Like, a lot of it. (At least in my mind, it’s a lot.) Ok, while that might not be so jaw-dropping, maybe the fact that I have roughly zero plans to cover it will surprise you.

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A Post About the Important Things in Life, Namely Split Ends

Blogging about hair care kind of makes me feel like I fried my brain with a flat iron, but having utterly failed to write any blog posts in the past two months, I need to start getting back into it however I can.  If that means I write about my victory over split ends, then so be it.  The good news is that you too can benefit from this post if you have fried your hair (and/or your brain) with a flat iron.

In all seriousness, however, appearance does matter in the big, wide world, and grooming yourself to look healthy and responsible can go a long way.  A bad case of split ends can make an otherwise classy girl look scruffy and unprofessional, and as a rule we Dames steer clear of the scruffy, unprofessional look.  Since last summer, I have been consciously trying to grow my hair long without letting it turn into prickly straw, and along the way I learned how to be kinder to my hair. Here are a few split end treatment and prevention tips I wish I had not had to learn the hard way.

1. Use electric hair appliances sparingly.  Say no to straighteners.  Even the blowdryer will fry your hair a bit.

2. Switch your thin ponytail holders for scrunchies and hair clips.  I do not know how I reached the age of 23 and made multiple failed attempts to grow my hair long before someone finally took pity enough on me to tell me to ditch the hair elastics in favor of scrunchies.  Scrunchies and hair clips look ridiculous and out of fashion, but they do not tear hair the way thin, rubber band-like ponytail holders do.  Bonus: that late 80s/early 90s look is in now, so scrunchies are not too unfashionable.  Forever 21 is actually selling scrunchies this season, so, hey, they are trendy…if unflattering.  This one from Forever 21 looks a little bit like the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter.


Go Gryffindor?

3. Use more conditioner, lots and lots more conditioner: daily conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, etc.  I am partial to Suave Professionals Damage Care line.  It does a better job on my hair than the more expensive lines like Dove, Tresemme, or Nexxus have ever done.


4. Get your hair trimmed regularly.  I will admit I screw up my hair by not doing this.  However, I do not believe it is quite as crucial as it is touted to be.  I have not had my hair cut since August (due to being out of the country and then being too busy and lazy to get it cut upon my return), but because I have started taking better care of my hair on a daily basis, it looks much better than it ever did when I got it trimmed regularly.  I am sure that regular trims combined with quality daily care would be best, but I do not think that trims > regular care.

I used to think that all these split end prevention tips did not apply to me.  Then my early 20s came around and I did enough damage to my hair that it felt like dry grass.  That changed my mind well enough that now I make an attempt to abide by the rules of the beauty world, and they really have made a difference in my hair.  I wish all you readers happy hair styling.  Go forth and condition, my friends.

“Fashion is an art. You express who you are through what you’re wearing.”

Lets face it, fashion is important. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and probably everyday to come. Although some people choose not to fall prey to the latest fashion trends that invade our lives as one season changes to the next, others are right there in front leading the pack. I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. Although I try to wear clothes that are ‘in’ during a particular season, I am often a little late to catch on and often refuse to give up some of my old favorites (I mean, really-leather pants will come back in style…right?)

Regardless, how you look is important-from the way you wear your hair, to the outfit and accessories you choose, all the way down to the shoes you have on. While I’m certainly not the most fashionable person anywhere I go, I think I know a thing or two aboutit. From hair to makeup to nail polish, these are some of my favorite fashion items/products.


As a baby and little girl, my mom often put headbands in my hair much to my dismay. Think about it-how often are you out and see a little girl with a goofy flower strapped on her head? My guess is, pretty frequently. I don’t know if most girls go through this as they grow up or if it just wasn’t fashionable at the time, but I didn’t wear a lot of headbands in my adolescence. However, in the past few years, I’ve found myself wearing more and more headbands and scarves (in fact, I wore a scarf in my hair for every speech tournament my senior year). It’s fast and easy and instantly transforms a bad hair today to something sophisticated. You could wear it with your hair up or down, braided, or in an updo. I’m actually a little sad I was so late to jump on the bandwagon. There are headbands for every occasion-from a sophisticated look in the office, to a fancy event, or to a night on the town-there’s a headband for everyone 🙂


I admit, I spend most of my days without my fingernails painted. Although I love how my nails ultimately look when I take the time to do them, I’m usually not willing to spend the time it takes to keep up with chipped nails. However, I do love OPI nail polish when I actually do invest time in doing them.

They offer a variety of colors for everyone and have different lines that come out relatively frequently. My favorite line is the Muppets Nail Polish Collection. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wear the Fresh Frog of Bel-Air, Excuse Moi!, or Gettin’ Piggy with it?



Although I rarely wear them right now, I am a big fan of dresses. I love the feeling of wearing a dress whether it be to go out for the night, to go to class, or just to go shopping-dresses are fun =) I have quite a collection of dresses at home that I need to transport to my current apartment. I think dresses are very in right now…at least they are to me.

Thank God It’s Friday: A Few Things I’ve Learned/Rediscovered This Week

So, I know I already posted once tonight. But, to be honest, I started that post a couple days ago and never got a chance to finish it until tonight.

It’s been a long and very busy week, but I’ve had some time to have some fun, learn/rediscover some things, and to appreciate the beauty around us.


Appreciating Fall Weather

Today was one of those days here in Ohio that you wanted to jump in your car, roll your windows down, open the moon roof all the way, blast some great music and go for a drive in the country. I did this on my way to campus today. A wonderful 72 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.

I realized how much I missed fall weather and the leaves changing colors. There’s a calmness and beauty that the summer heat obscures and the Spring coolness doesn’t always display to its best advantage.

If I had had the time (and the extra money) I would have indulged in one of my favorite things, which combines my love of driving in the country on fall days with my love of shopping: driving the back way to the Grove City Premium Outlets.

For locals, I highly suggest you do this sometime. And the route is easy. Depending on where you live, get yourself (most likely via Interstate 80 and Route 376) to Route 208 in Pulaski, Pennsylvania. Take 208 through New Wilmington and Volant to Grove City. The drive is great, beautiful, and worth the few extra minutes.


The Girl With Curly Hair Learns to…Curl Her Hair…With a Sock…

Yeah, you read that right. I want to curl my hair, but I already have curly hair. My picture on this blog is deceiving. I really have the most unruly, curly hair on the planet and I try to straighten it as much as possible because I don’t really like it.

It usually looks like this:

But, I saw this video on Youtube the other night about creating “sock bun curls” and, as I already had my hair straightened and love those soft curls, had to give it a try.

Here’s the video:

It worked okay, but I’m going to try it again another night when I’ve done some better preparation – aka, not decide to try it at midnight and forget to dampen my hair as directed.

Let me know if it works for you!


Rest In Peace Steve Jobs

Finally, I leave you with a quote that, sadly, I rediscovered this week due to the untimely death of Steve Jobs. His brilliance has brought our generation and the world technological advances that have forever changed our lives. His philosophy about life, however, has forever changed our souls.

The quote comes from an Apple television commercial broadcast in the late 1990s. The slogan “Think Different” can and did mean many things, but one thing is clear from both the quote and the commercial itself: thinking differently, however you do it, can change your destiny and help you change the world.

Here’s the original commercial:

Here’s the written quote:

Have a great weekend! 🙂